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 Conservatory and Upvc Cleaning


External Conservatory Clean

Starting with the cresting or very top of your conservatory. We are able to thoroughly clean and remove any green algae and dirt etc that builds up within the hard to reach detailing of this decorative feature. Each individual roof support bar and roof panel (glass or polycarbonate) is also thoroughly cleaned to a high standard. The conservatory gutter ing will be fully restored, removing any grey streaking that may have appeared over time. We also check that the gutters are flowing freely and will remove any sediment build up or debris as necessary. The windows, doors and sill are cleaned and then restored by hand. This method removes any staining or discolouration and will leave your conservatory with a new fresh appearance. All the glass will be thoroughly cleaned and hand polished.


Internal Conservatory Clean

The internal apex of the roof will be thoroughly hand cleaned, together with each individual roof support bar and panel, removing any grey residue, mould or even nicotine staining which can build up over time. The framework of the windows and doors will be cleaned using our specially formulated cleaning products, designed to revive the framework without harming it. All insect spots, stains and scuff marks will be removed. The glass will be cleaned and hand polished to a high ‘smear free’ standard. We also open all the windows and doors and clean out the inside of the framework, not usually visible when the windows and doors are closed.


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