Did you know that one of the most important times of year to carry out a deep and thorough clean of your home is in the Autumn.

Most people associate deep cleaning with Spring but in actual fact it is Autumn when we are most at risk of ill health due to the changing weather and our reaction to it. 

As the nights draw in; we turn on the central heating and keep the drafts out by keeping the doors and windows open, dust mites multiply and microbes are subjected to optimum conditions to multiply! 

It is essential to aerate the house, allowing air to circulate and avoid the 'Tupperware affect' and it's also really important to thoroughly clean- especially in the carpet fibres which become home to the dust mites and microbes which feed off the dead skin cells and other debris which settle in your carpet and upholstery. 

Using the hot water extraction method of cleaning, with a powerful vacuum suction is a guaranteed way of reducing these harmful allergens and help keep your family healthy. 

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